String Festival Kras

The Strings Festival Kras , organised jointly by Glasbena matica and by the United World College of the Adriatic ONLUS, takes place in the Karst area along the border between Italy and Slovenia. It hosts students who want to improve their knowledge of violin, cello and chamber music with internationally recognised teachers, concert performers and pedagogists coming from prestigious institutions. Studying in this environment represents for the students a great opportunity of improvement both on the professional and personal level. The Festival is held in the premises of the United World College of the Adriatic ONLUS and of the International Chamber Music Academy-Duino (founded by the Trio di Trieste in 1989). Duino-

Devin is a small tourist centre in the district of Duino Aurisina, less than 5 kilometres from the Slovene border and 20 kilometres from
Trieste, a multiethnic city of Mittel-European culture. The place is rich in culture and history with a unique landscape: small villages in the karst green, cliffs covered in Mediterranean scrub jutting out into the sea with the Rilke trail unwinding on top of them.

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Tartinijada - Summer School
at Strings Festival Kras -
string orchestra practice

The Tartinijada Summer School included in the programme of the Strings Festival Kras 2015 is intended for pupils, students and both amateur and professional musicians who are willing to perform at Tartinijada concert, which will take place in 2016 in Piran. Tartinijada is a concert dedicated to the music of Giuseppe Tartini performed by string musicians of all generations. Participants will be assisted by the mentor in the preparation and rehearsal. The lessons will be carried out both individually and collectively.